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Using Windows Hotkeys for Improved Efficiency.

It is widely acknowledged in the tech world that using Windows Hotkeys can save you a great deal of time. However, for many, these shortcuts are very alien and the idea of learning them appears a daunting and a time-consuming task.

Here are some factors for you to take into consideration when you next dismiss the thought about learning some new shortcuts.


Try using CTRL+A which selects all text and even images in the corresponding document. This would be a more tedious task if you used a mouse/mousepad compared to simply holding down CTRL and pressing the A key. After a while you will start to realise that using the keyboard shortcuts will let you do more with less effort.



Using keyboard shortcuts and mouse movement can complement each other greatly. Tasks like surfing the web can be done much easier with the mouse but also using the keyboard to navigate between tabs, within the pages or even copying text for references at the same time. This can create a fluent workflow as well as increase productivity.

3.Health issues

Excessive usage of a mouse can cause issues such as R.S.I (Repetitive Syndrome Injury) more than keyboard usage. By using both mouse and keyboard you can reduce the risk and reduce fatigue in the wrists and fingers.

Using keyboard shortcut keys, you can improve efficiency and productivity within few steps. Shortcut keys will lessen your work and decrease the time it takes for you to complete a task. Below we have listed some of the popular shortcut keys in Windows 10 to get you started.

Popular Hotkeys in Windows 10:

⊞ Win Display or hide Start

Ctrl + Shift + Esc Open the Task Manager

⊞ Win + M Minimize all windows

⊞ Win + Shift + M Restore all minimized windows

⊞ Win + R Open the Run dialogue box

⊞ Win + F1 Open Windows Help and Support

Alt + F4 Close the active item or exit the active app

Alt + Enter Display properties for the selected item

Alt + Spacebar Open shortcut menu for an active window

Ctrl + X Cut the selected item

Ctrl + V Paste the selected item

Ctrl + Y Redo an action

Ctrl + Z Undo an action

F1 (some keyboards may require Fn + F1) Display help (app-specific)

F2 Rename the selected item

F3 Search for a file or folder in File Explorer

F4 Display the address bar list in File Explorer

F5 Refresh the active window

F10 Activate the menu bar in the active app

⊞ Win+ D Display and hide desktop

There are so many shortcuts to explore. Why not make it a daily job that you spend five minutes a day learning a new shortcut? We have included the below link which will take you to the windows support page. Here you will find all the windows shortcuts for each operating system.

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