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Business packages

Payment methods to suit your business needs

Inclusive packages


Our inclusive IT support packages are available for businesses from just one employee upwards. Giving you and your business a safe and secure IT solution charged monthly based on the number of system users. Standard packages start from 1-4 users up to 16+ depending on your business's requirements. All include unlimited support for named users, access to our IT helpdesk Monday to Friday, a free annual health check, 5% discount on Microsoft Office, 10% discount for ESET security products and 10% discount on engineer rates from £14.99-£20 per user. 

Assisted IT Package from Norfolk Computer Services

Unlimited support for named users

IT service desk 9am-5pm Mon-Fri

Free annual healthcheck

5% off Microsoft Office

10% off ESET security products 

10% off engineer rates


per user

1 - 4 users

Supported IT Package from Norfolk Computer Services

Assisted package + 


Daily data back-up monitoring


Monthly security compliance checks


Office 365 or G-suite management


6 monthly technology review


IT policy templates** 

Firewall firmware updates


IT site guide managed & maintained


per user

5 - 15 users

Managed IT Service from Norfolk Computer Servies

Support package +

Server Security Maintenance


Daily Server Healthchecks


Customised IT Policy Templates

Cyber Security Essentials Certification*

Quarterly Service Reviews

£20 per user

£50per server

16+ users


Pay as you go

We don't just offer options to pay a monthly inclusive fee, we also offer pay as you go options either on an ad-hoc basis paying per half hour or as a contract.


Experienced engineers available on the same day 

Remote support charged to the half-hour

Support wherever you are

£30 per 1/2 hr


Server security & maintenance

Daily server health checks

IT policy templates

IT service desk 9-5 Mon-Fri

Monthly security compliance checks

6 monthly technology review

Firewall fireware upgrades

IT site guide managed & maintained

Office 365 or G-suite management

Per minute charging for support

£100 maintenance

£0.83 per minute support

per month

Cloud back-up



20GB - £10

100GB - £20

250GB - £30

500GB - £50


Licence fee & storage

Your choice of routine, daily full, weekly full, incremental, Live

Include 256-bit encryption

Assisted configuration

Monitoring & alerting