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The impact of Cloud-based services on small businesses

Over the past few years, the popularity and functionality of Cloud-based services have grown exponentially. A huge variety of programmes and resources are now available via the Cloud, with more and more businesses making use of the platform every year.

The Cloud is growing - find out more about its reach

The availability of Cloud-based services has had a big impact on small businesses in particular. Having access to IT services based in the Cloud can change the way that staff work and revolutionise the everyday running of a business. If you’re considering implementing Cloud-based services in your business, here are a few more ways the technology could impact on your workplace.

Choosing the right Cloud-based services for you

The way that Cloud-based services impact on your small business will depend on which services you choose to implement. There is a huge variety of business services available in the Cloud. These range from basic accounting programmes to advanced IT software and everything in between. By selecting the right services for your business, you can help to streamline your working practices, improve your productivity and help your staff work more efficiently.

Staff training

Whenever you implement new Cloud-based services into your small business, you need to ensure that staff know how to make the most of the digital tools available. This often means increasing rates of staff training and ensuring team members have the support they need to implement new technologies.

Having readily available training opportunities has been shown to help boost staff satisfaction levels. Team members want to be constantly learning and improving. Providing Cloud-based services for them to use could be the perfect way get staff motivated and ensure your team members are familiar with the latest tech.

Flexible working

Another major benefit of Cloud-based services is that they make flexible working a lot easier. As more of your business activities move to the Cloud, it will become easier for staff to remotely access the programmes and resources they need for their work such as via Microsoft's Onedrive document management.

Although you may still want team members to be based in the office, this option allows you to have some staff working from home a few days a week and means you can create a much more flexible working environment.

And flexible working is another thing that’s proved to be very popular with people of all ages. The more flexibility you can offer your team members, the happier they’re likely to be in their roles.

Implementing a range of Cloud-based services in your small business can help to boost productivity, improve your working practices and create a more productive working environment. Find out more about the services available, and how they could benefit your business, by taking a look around our site today.

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